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3 Hours = $350 Complete! ūüéČūü•≥

Three hours of #sharable photo booth rental fun at your San Juan event location indoors or outdoors for $350! Package includes custom digital template set-up, dashboard and and online gallery access!

Photobooth Rental for Events: Great for Day or Night, and Indoors or Outdoors

ROAMING LIGHT RING photobooth is a hand-held fully-functioning photo booth that is colorful and grabs attention at parties and lights-up night-time events.

This is new disruptive technology to set-up, manage, measure and monetize your event investment through the ubiquitious popular photo booth model.Combine simple, smart cost-effective lead generation and marketing tools with powerful software and effective strategies, and have fun.  

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Photo Booth Rental Can Generate Leads for Your Business or Cause

Capture emails and phone numbers and contact information, take surveys, track results via a cloud-based dashboard, promote sharing your branded photos and videos on social media with a live public gallery, acquire relevant hi-quality media for your own digital marketing and promote your own social media channels.

SELFIE SHARING STATION Photo Booths Maximize Your Event Investment

This is an exclusive cutting-edge technology and service designed for businesses demanding return-on-investment. The comprehensive service and package we provide includes:

  1. EQUIPMENT: Photo Booth equipment rental, and technical support.
  2. SOFTWARE: Access to live gallery and cloud-based event dashboard
  3. CUSTOM SERVICES: Graphic and event design and set-up.


SELFIE ROAMING LIGHT RING is complete interactive touch screen photo booth that carried around the event or party by an Attendant that engages with guests for the highest-impact. The roaming light ring encourages people to engage wherever they are sitting, standing or dancing.

SELFIE LIGHT RING Photo Booth: APM Models Party

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