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BOA Selfies Case Study Selfie Sharing Station Kiosk

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BANK OF AMERICA acquired over 600 new women prospects to fill tech jobs at the GRACE HOPPER CELEBRATION 2020 trade show.

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No Attendant
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with KIOSK.

SELFIE STATION Lead Generation

Capture leads including emails cell phone numbers, take simple surveys, and track the results in real-time via a cloud-based dashboard. This is a cost-effective technology for promoting the sharing of your branded photos and videos on social media ina addition to hosting  live public gallery.

Maximize Your Event Investment

  • EQUIPMENT – Use of SELFIE STATION Photo Booth equipment
  • SOFTWARE – Access to live gallery and cloud-based event dashboard
  • SERVICES – Graphic and event design and set-up, technical support.

Free for Guests Venue Advertising

Everyone loves a free selfie and most are willing to add themselves to your marketing list or newsleteer, if approcahed correctly. Great free advertising option for capturing unlimited leads and promoting on social media at sport venues, salons, and long-term art/business installations.


SELFIE STATION KIOSK remains fixed in one place throughout the event. The Kiosk does not require a full-time attendant and is therefore now a cost-effective and viable marketing tool at trade shows and at venues for semi-permanent activations. 

ROAMING SELFIE LIGHT RING is held by an Attendant that will walk around the event and engage with guests or attendees.  The LED Light Ring is multi-colored. 



ROAMING SELFIE LIGHT RING is multi-colored and is 18-inches by 18 inches and weighs less than 3-lbs fully-equipped.

KIOSK SELFIE STATION is (5) five-feet and six-inches tall and implements a white-colored round LED Light Ring that is 18-inches by 18-inches.


SELFIE STATIONS are magically powered by joy and happiness at technology!

Ok, you plug the KIOSK SELFIE STATION into a standard 120V wall socket.

The ROAMING SELFIE LIGHT RING is powered by a special battery which is carried by the Attendant. We always bring an extra battery. 


All devices require WiFi to access the cloud-based event management platform.

Venues with WiFi and a physical modem at the location provide better faster and more reliable WiFi service.

We also bring a WiFi connected wireless modem to all events as back-up. 

SELFIE STATIONS  are designed to provide an automated experience for guests via an interactive touch-screen, so yes. 

Yes, the cloud-based event management platform provides an online gallery that can be made public or private with password protection. 

There is also a visual reporting dashboard that is remotely accessible during the event. 

Yes, the KIOSK can be wrapped and branded for the event or activation. 

Without custom-wrapping, the KIOSK is white with black-outlined social media icons.

Custom-wrap branding is an additional service in two-parts. Part one is the graphic design of the wrap. Part two is the application of the wrap.  

We can also send the client a template of the custom-wrap as a PhotoShop file at no charge.      

See Custom-Wrapping template.  

Our clients retain lifetime use rights to all media captured. Clients can download any media from the gallery. The gallery will be retained and available to clients for no less than 30-days after an event.