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Selfie Station Rental Demo at the Condado Showroom

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Selfie Station Rental Demonstration

Exclusive product!

Selfie Station Demonstration & Discussion

The photo booths industry for corporate and private events is currently $200 million dollars a year in the US, including equipment sales and event and party services.

Photo booths surpassed DJs many years ago as the most popular party and event entertainment attraction. Most people have been to an event or party and used some sort of a photo booth.

Since the early 1990s photo booths have been primarily considered as “photo-based entertainment”, resulting in physical prints or a flipbook. And more recently as a means to attract public attention at corporate events and trade shows. Still, the focus had been entertainment.

Now in 2020, the photo booth industry has been disrupted by the SELFIE STATION and two important factors.

  1. More-powerful equipment and platforms and technologies that are also easier to use and cheaper to purchase and implement
  2. A change in priority and focus from entertainment-only to lead generation, media acquisition for remarketing, and social media sharing

The photo booth experience is now being reinvented by the selfie culture and reinvigorated by tech-savvy corporate event planners and trade show marketers that value data and quantifiable return-on-investment (ROI) over just entertainment.

Who is this for?

Event planning professionals
Venue owners and managers
Private party planners too

How is it done?

We set-up the event ahead of time
We install the equipment (if kiosk and/or activation)
We manage and monitor the event remotely
We pick-up the equipment
We ship equipment and manage events nationally

What is provided?

KIOSK or ROAMING LIGHT RING Platform and dashboard access Gallery of all media (public or private) Social media sharing

What extras are available?

Custom activations (backdrops, wraps, etc.) Gallery on Monitors Custom Props Additional custom event set-up Additional equipment

How did Bank of America acquire +600 new women career prospects?

By implementing the SELFIE STATION KIOSK, of course! See the Bank of America at Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 case study, and more case studies too.