Case Study – San Sebastian Festival 2020 Old San Juan PR

Selfie Sharing Station Photo Booth Rental at San Sebastian Festival 2020 -

Selfie Sharing Station Case Study @ San Sebastian Festival

Modern Photo Booth Rental comes to Puerto Rico in 2020

Selfie Sharing Station Photo Booth Rental at San Sebastian Festival 2020 -

Case Study - SELFIE STATION @ San Sebastian Festival 2020, San Juan​

Photo Booth Fun at SanSe 2020

The San Sebastian Street Festival in Old San Juan is Puerto Rico’s biggest festival, and ran from January 15 to Sunday Jan 19, 2020.

People flocked from all over the world to experience SanSe 2020. the 50th anniversary of the festival. 

We brought our photo booth rental SELFIE LIGHT RING out to play and gosh, did we capture some good selfies! We’ve included an example of a simple template featuring event informarion and branding. Selfie Sharing Station projects your selfie through the social media airwaves to shine and show all your friends and family you were at San Sebastian 2020. Watch yourself impress.

Modern Photo Booth Rental Demonstration

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SELFIE STATION Photos @ San Sebastian Festival 2020, San Juan

How to Navigate the San Juan San Sebastian Street Festival

Getting There

  • If you are NOT staying in Old San Juan, plan to arrive there as early as possible. Traffic into Old San Juan is going to be extremely heavy and slow due to the influx of festival goers and road closures. On Thursday and Friday private cars will be stopped from entering at 6pm. On Saturday and Sunday car traffic will be stopped at 11am (these times may change depending on how quickly the Old San Juan Car Parks fill up
  • Rather than drive into Old San Juan, consider taking the ferry from either Hato Rey or Catano – just make sure you know when the last ferry leaves Old San Juan
  • Paid parking will be available at Hiram Bithorn Stadium as well as Sagrado Corazon Station
  • AMA buses will run from AMA buses will run from Sagrado Corazon Station to Old San Juan station to Old San Juan
  • AMA buses will run from Old San Juan to Sagrado Corazon (until after midnight)


  • There will be live music at the main stages at Plaza del Quinto Centenario, Plaza Colon, Plaza de Armas and Plaza de La Barandilla. You can also expect impromptu entaertainment throughout Old San Juan during the four day festival
  • If there are any musical groups you really want to see, make sure you get to music stage early toget a good position, especially if it is the main stage at Plaza Quinto Centenario.
  • The party continues until late, with huge crowds cramming the streets. If you are with a group decide on a place to meet (preferably away from San Sebastian Street), where you can meet up if you happen to become separated
  • Concerts will typically end at 11pm (earlier on Sunday)
  • Bars will typically close at midnight (may vary by year)

General Tips

  • Day time hours are usually less crowded than the evenings. Saturday & Sunday during the day are good times to go with families
  • It’s ALWAYS hot in Old San Juan, so make sure you drink lots of fluids and not just the alcoholic kind.
  • If it rains don’t worry, the party will continue and there is bound to be some entrepreneur selling plastic ponchos
  • If you need a breather from all the action of the festival, just head down hill through Old San Juan and check out Paseo de La Princesa; it should be a little less crowded there.
  • Finally if you have a fear of crowded places, then San Sebastian Street and Old San Juan might not be the best place for you this weekend. Consider heading out away from San Juan for a daytrip.

SELFIE STATION Videos @ San Sebastian Festival 2020, San Juan

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